About Me

Hey! I'm Brittany and I have an addiction to anything fried - particularly that starchy, delicious, deep fried gift from God, the french fry. I have seriously had dreams about french fries and other deep fried delicacies like the fried pickle and "cajun popcorn" (aka, fried shrimp and crawfish).

We've recently moved back to Mississippi after a stint in North Carolina. The food in North Carolina is AWFUL so when I came back, I ate everything in sight. Unfortunately, this delicious Mississippi food has made its presence known on my waistline.

I picked up running and eating well in 2011 and, while I've had my ups and downs, its time to get back on the horse.

So come along for the ride! There's a little bit of everything in here and if you've got questions, I'm notoriously open about pretty much anything and everything - so just ask!

E-mail: holdthefrenchfries@gmail.com