Tuesday, April 17, 2012

100 Reasons You Should Work Out Today

Oh, Pintrest, I love you. Someone pinned this and I think it's just what I needed on this rainy, gross day to motivate me to actually get a workout in today. We won't mention that my lunch was a bit heavy. Oof.

SparkPeople came up with some AMAZING Reasons to Work Out today.  You can find a few of my favorites below:

Because it makes you feel confident
Because you have goals you want to reach
Because it burns more calories than not working out
Because you want a great butt
Because it lifts your mood
Because it feels good
Because dieting only works so much
Because you take pride in your body
Because you are capable of more than you ever imagined

I like it, SparkPeople! Thanks for the idea! Can you think of any more good reasons to work out today? My good reason for the day is the chicken finger sandwich from Sonic I ate because I left my lunch at home (DOH!) - that's 450 calories I need back, please!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Team In Training

I'm doing it! I'm running another half marathon in October in SAN FRANCISCO - but this time, I'm going to train my butt off with Team in Training from the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society! I'm extremely excited and terrified all at the same time. I've got to raise $3,200 to be able to go to San Francisco - and I've got so much training to do!

The last time I did a half marathon, I finished in just over 3 hours (3:03) - this time, I'm going for about 2:50. I doubt it will happen (that's a lot of time to make up!), but it's always important for shoot for a goal and that's now mine.

I'm so excited to get my training started with Team in Training - and of course get a jump on my fundraising. It's tax season, you're probably wishing you'd donated more money in 2011, right? I thought so. Go ahead, get ready to get a deduction in 2012 and donate to the Leukemia and Lymphoma society through this link and help me reach another goal!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Lifting weights like a boss...

I used to hate lifting weights. I dreaded it every time my personal trainers or coaches of the past would make me do it. I'm pretty accepting of the fact that I have zero upper body strength. Or I was.

AlternaTickers - Cool, free Web tickers

See that ticker up there? It's for the Warrior Dash I'll be doing on April 21st with my boss, Nicki. If you click on that Warrior Dash link up there, you'll see that without upper body strength (and strength in general) you're SCREWED. I'm going to have to climb over walls, jump over fire, crawl around in mud and generally just question why I paid to do this crap for an hour or so. It's gonna be fun. 

To increase my strength, I've been following this book: The New Rules of Lifting for Women. I love the program. I haven't really paid enough attention to the diet plan, and I slacked off a bit in the lifting as of recently, BUT, when I was doing the lifting, I fell in love. 

When I used the squat rack for the first time, I was a bit miffed. In fact, a personal trainer at the Y came over and said "here, let me show you" - and thank God he came over, because I looked like a moron. I always thought squat racks were for men, but no more! Squats and deadlifts aren't fun by any means, but I love how empowered I feel when I do them. And my legs will start looking sexy soon!

The great thing about this book/program is that it literally lays it all out there for you. For 8 weeks, you do one phase with two different exercises that you rotate every other workout. It tells you exactly which ones to do for which workout, tells you when to add reps/weight and basically just makes it easy. You can run through a strength workout in about 20 minutes (possibly less) - and you get a good workout from it. You only have to work out 3 days a week and you really do see results. 

Today will be my first day back to NROL4W and I'm excited. I've got a Warrior Dash to prepare for!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday Motivators: Becky - She's got an electric smile.

This is Becky.

Yes, she always smiles like that.

I touched on Becky a bit when I did my Gate River Run post in March, but I honestly feel that Becky deserves her own Monday Motivators post. Here's why:

Becky Before:

Becky After:

Did your jaw drop? Did you say "Oh My God"? Did you say "SHE LOOKS AMAZING!"? Because that's what I did. Becky's lost over 150 lbs on Weight Watchers. 

Becky is a f*cking rockstar. 

I first met Becky back in 2003 when I was working for one of the most amazing radio stations to ever exist - WAPE in Jacksonville, FL. She was a board-op and I was a promotions assistant. She got to sit on her butt in a chilly studio and listen to Casey Kasem while I lugged around a tent and tables in the Florida heat. I won't lie, she was a big girl - but I wasn't skinny myself, so I never really thought anything of it, until I saw her this past March. She looked like a different person! She basically WAS a different person - except for her attitude. Still the perky, happy, positive Becky I've known and loved. 

She even smiles when she RUNS.

She's been running 5k's, now has a 10k and 15k under her belt and is still going strong. She's also a Zumba fanatic (She's a lover of all things Latin!) and is the most positive and enthusiastic person I've ever met. She's literally someone that brightens a room just by walking in, and now, when she walks in, she's strutting her stuff. 

I love you, Becky! Keep up the good work! You're an amazing person and an inspiration. I'm so proud to be able to call you a friend.


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