Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Update: Becky is still a smilin'

Some of you may remember my friend Becky that was featured as a Monday Motivator on this here blog back in April 2012. She's still amazing - if not more (because she's LESS!) now. She was recently featured on the Today Show when she was inducted into the Joy Fit Club and has become known LITERALLY all over the world for the fact that she's "Single, and losing it!" mentioning that she's available and without a boyfriend on National TV.

I'm sorry, but she's STILL amazing. Even from the last time I saw her back in March 2012, she's lost more weight and just looks more phenomenal each time I see a picture of her. And her attitude is beyond compare - you seriously don't see this woman without her big, beautiful smile on.

In the portion of her Today Show spotlight where Becky got to tell her own story, she mentioned that she found comfort in food - something so many of us (MYSELF INCLUDED!) battle all the time. I know that just last week when I was crampy and PMS-y all I wanted was pizza and wings. My loving husband, of course, gave in to me and we got two big pizzas and 20 wings and cheese bread and I dunked it all in ranch dressing. Damn, it was good. But it didn't make me feel better - just full.

Becky has conquered her weight and is still the bubbly, sweet, caring and happy person her friends have come to know - we just all know a famous person now.

Check out some of her pictures from the show and of course, the video!

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Becky on the set with Kathy Lee, Hoda and Joy

Fellas - look at this lady - HOT - and SINGLE.

Officially inducted into the Joy Fit Club! (With 180 lbs of STUFF - she LOST that much weight!)

You can follow Becky and her adventures (and her upcoming book!?) on her Facebook Page - "Becky Sigurnjak - Single, and Losing It!"

YOU GO, BECKY! So proud, LITTLE lady!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Holy crap, I suck at this updating thing.

So, lots has been going on since my last post - and absolutely zero of it has to do with eating well and getting exercise - but it's been interesting nonetheless!

The husband and I at Easely Amused back in MS!
We moved back to Mississippi. I got a call from my old boss not long after MLK day asking who he suggested as a replacement for my boss (not him, my direct boss) - after chatting it over with my husband - we decided that person should be me. I left North Carolina pretty quickly and came back to Mississippi to start back in a job where I knew what the hell I was doing. *Note: I will NEVER work in a bank again.*

I've been living with our good friends Billy and Karen and their almost 3 year old little girl, Katelyn. It's been fun! Brian finally made it her on May 1st and we're all settled in here. We'll be able to move back into our house on July 1 as it was rented out. I'm excited.

However, back to the main topic of this here blog, I'm fat. I'm 230 lbs according to Billy and Karen's scale and I just don't feel good anymore. I mean, I haven't felt "good" in a while, but holy crap, I feel FAT every day. I need to get my ass back out on the pavement and get running.

Since I was never able to do to my Team in Training half marathon due to injury, I've re-signed up and will be running the Gulf Coast Half Marathon in Mandeville, Louisiana in October 2013. I REALLY hope I get to do it this time! I need a little push to get me going and I think this will be it. I'm excited to get going, but I'm so out of shape, it's going to be rough.

I'd also like to add, it's Memorial Day weekend and I'm starting MyFitnessPal again. This could be dangerous. We're grilling out EVERY day. Should be interesting.