Monday, November 28, 2011

Damn you, Texas.

Brian and I went to Dallas/Arlington/Ft. Worth for Thanksgiving. While it was a pretty cool place to visit, we did nothing but EAT CRAP the whole time we were there. I won't lie. I was scared to get on the scale this morning - so I didn't do it.

As most of you know, Thanksgiving is traditionally a day to stuff your face, wear your fancy elastic pants and watch football (while probably snacking on some leftovers or snacking on food before it's put out for the meal). Well, we did all of that. (We also played kickball. Kickball on Thanksgiving is now going to be a tradition - that was SO fun!) Plus, the whole time we were in Texas, we ate fast food and Mexican food like we needed it to survive.

I tried my best to get the healthiest option that was offered at Taco Cabana, Jack in the Box, El Arroyo and Sonic, but dammit, it gets rough. Especially when every one else around you has greasy tacos and french fries. I gave in, but just a little bit. Okay - a medium bit. Jack in the Box has delicious burgers - and they don't kill you anymore! Yay!

I will say, however, that I did get some running in while I was there! I even took the kids from Brian's family with me once - bad idea, but at least they got moving. I didn't do as well as I would have hoped (stupid rain) - but at least I got my butt moving when I was gorging myself; just not as much as I would have liked.

I've got just a few more weeks left until my death (erm, my Half Marathon). What's on tap this week training schedule wise?

Monday: Jog 60 sec - walk 90 (Repeat 11 times)
Tuesday: Rest - Walk X as long as she can go
Wednesday: Walk 60, Jog 38, sprint 22 (Repeat 11 times) **THESE DAYS ARE THE WORST!!!**
Thursday: Jog 60, walk 70 (repeat 12 times)
Friday: Rest - Walk X as long as she can go
Saturday: Jog 60, walk 55 (Repeat 40 times or 4.75 miles)
Sunday: Rest

Wednesdays and Saturdays suck! But, hey, it's all in the name of health, AMIRITE!?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I've got a training schedule!

Thanks to my amazing friend Chrissy, who will be coming to good ole' Jackson, Mississippi to run the Mississippi Blues Marathon with me - I officially have a training schedule! It looks difficult. For example, let's take a gander at what I need to do the rest of the week, shall we?

Wednesday: Jog 60 seconds (50%), walk 40 seconds (10-15%), sprint 20 seconds (85%), [walk 60 seconds (10-15%), jog 40 seconds (50%), sprint 20 seconds (85%)] - repeat 10 times.

Thursday: Jog 60 seconds, walk 90 seconds - repeat 10 times (easy peasy!)

Friday: Rest - walk X as long as she can go (probably a mile - then she'll be begging to go home b/c she's lazy!)

Saturday: Jog 60 seconds, walk 60 seconds - repeat 16 times or 2 miles. Do more if you're feeling good!

Sunday: Rest!

Okay, I take it back. This first week doesn't seem too bad. I can handle it. However, then we get into next week and the week after and so on. Less than 2 months until I run a half marathon - can you believe it?! I know I can't. I'm pretty sure I'm going to die when I cross that finish line, but dammit, I will finish and that's what matters. I look too pretty with medals hanging around my neck not to get another one.

Oh yeah! Speaking of medals and "another one" - if you're not my FB friend, you might not know! Remember that 5K I ran a few weeks ago? I won 3rd place in my age group - and my time was 41:08! I got my time messed up - woot! There were 11 people in my 20-29 age group and I got third! I may have freaked out at work about it. Maybe. IT WAS THE BEST FEELING EVER! See for yourself!

I'm so proud of myself. But before you get all "WTF? You won something with a 41:08 in a 5k!?" trust me, I think I was the slowest person not pushing a stroller lol. But that's okay because dammit - it felt good! I'm sure it'll take quite some time before I'll win another, but I don't care. I have my medal hanging on my desk for the world to see! I'M  RUNNER, BITCHES!

I'm trying really hard not to be mad at the scale. I can tell my clothes are getting way loose and I can tell that my double chin is receding, so I know I'm losing weight. The f*cker just won't go under 200. This morning I was 201. I've been eating like a boss, too. Tracking all of my calories in and calories out. I even got Brian to start doing MyFitnessPal! Everyone follow him! MrKrinkle69 (classy, eh?) and if you aren't already, follow me! BRenkwell - I'll be your friend and I promise to cheer you on!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

My first 5K!

Right after the race! 44:08 - woot!
Well, it's official. I'm a runner. I did my first 5k this morning with my boss for the Blackbird Run in Brandon, MS. Roughly 3.1 miles in 44 minutes and 8 seconds. Not too shabby! I definitely loved running with others - it was nice to be able to sort of pace myself with someone and it was great that I had my boss motivating me and saying "okay, time to run now!" when I took a break to walk a bit. It really felt wonderful when I crossed that finish line.

I even did a little jazz leap over the finish line. I'm quirky like that.

My boss, Nicki and I after the race
I can't even describe how excited I was that I actually completed the race. Sure, there was no way I won anything, but dammit, I finished. I made that race my bitch and my boss and the owner of the company I work for were both there to witness it and cheer me on. It was a great feeling. I'm pretty excited to get back in the swing of things starting Monday morning. FRIENDS - feel free to text, call, e-mail, facebook, whatever and bug me about going to the gym or working out. I do better when I think people are pulling for me. My friends are my motivation. I don't want to ruin more pictures with my chunk-ness.

I'm still working on my eating habits. I don't know why this is the hardest part for me. Last night, Brian was asleep at 6:15 for some reason, so I had to make my own dinner. I'm trying my best to eat some of the random stuff around the house so I ate a bowl of rice. Yeah, that's it. Weird huh? Well, after that, I ate a Reeses peanut butter cup, then a piece of bread with peanut butter, then a biscuit left over from Brian's breakfast with spray butter. WHY DIDN'T I EAT SOMETHING HEALTHY!? It makes no sense. I need to do a better job at keeping healthy foods around the house.

Weight loss doesn't happen with exercise alone. I need to eat healthy food!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ups, downs, and getting stuck

RAWR! F*ck this week. Seriously. 

I don't know why, but this whole week I've been worthless. I went to the gym Monday morning and got my run on, and since then? Nothing. Nada. Actually, I lie. I've been eating. A LOT. I can't seem to stop! I got rid of the tons of left over Halloween candy I had because it was just dangerous to have around (especially all of the chocolate), but I swear I've done nothing but gain weight all week and I can seem to get motivated to do anything about it.

I actually cried Tuesday morning (I'm calling it a mix of PMS, just waking up and being pissed) after I weighed myself. I was SO sure I could get under 200 lbs by Halloween. It didn't happen. Tuesday morning I was 202.4. WTF. I did SO well up until Tuesday morning. I've switched to green tea instead of coffee, I steered clear of 'bad for me' foods last weekend and I didn't even drink at my best friend's wedding b/c I wanted to hit that 199 mark. F*CK ME. Seriously. I was so upset. Obviously I'm still not thrilled.

I need someone to yell at me when I put bad things in my mouth. I need to gain more self control. I need someone to MAKE me go work out when I don't want to. Brian pokes me every morning at 5:30 when my alarm goes off and I've just been waving him off saying I'll work out in the afternoon. I haven't. I've been a lazy bum - but I attribute it to my attitude. I'm so bummed right now about not reaching my weight goal.

But, I do think I'm physically looking better. Check out my November 1 pics here.