Sunday, July 15, 2012

Is this thing on?

So, it's been almost 2 months since I've updated this here blog. I guess I'm a terrible blogger - oh well. I've got good news and some not so good news...

Good news:
- We don't live in Mississippi anymore! We've moved to the Triad area of North Carolina. This place is wonderful! If you've never been to NC - or stayed towards the beaches - come on down/up/over! The scenery is beautiful, there's tons of stuff to do and there are HILLS to practice my running in San Francisco on!

- I'm still signed up for the Nike Women's 1/2 Marathon in San Francisco with Team in Training benefiting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society - my team here is AMAZING. I'm loving it!

- I'm a stay at home wife right now. I'm told this is good news, but I'm going crazy! However, it DOES give me time to plan healthy meals and do a little exercising and BLOGGING! But I am still dying to find a job!

Not so good news: 
- We don't live in Mississippi anymore. I loved that state. I loved those people. I loved that food. I miss it there. North Carolina is beautiful, but you can't get the same "yes ma'ams" "y'alls" and "fixin tos" that you can get in Mississippi.

- My training for the Nike Women's 1/2 Marathon has been rough. I'm enjoying my new TNT team (SO NICE!) but I can't seem to get my ass out of the house to run on days when there's not a group of people waiting on me. I did individual training once this past week and it was SO great, however, I was running on a trail with no bathrooms and had to go (sorry for the TMI) so I had to turn around. I'm not going to potty in the woods just yet. I'm not that hardcore.

- I'm back in some of my fat clothes. Moving is hard on a waistline. My darling husband packed up our kitchen FIRST instead of last so for the last week we were in Mississippi and the first week we were in NC, all we did was eat out - and it was rarely anywhere with decent food since I was with Brian and my father in law. I need to get back on the diet train.

Now that you're thoroughly bored, I've decided that on August 1 I need to go back to taking pictures and posting them here. I think those were keeping me on the right track - or at least keeping me honest. I'm hoping to do more core work since that will apparently really help my belly and running situation. So hopefully that flub you've seen won't be as flubby eventually.

So there's your update! Sorry I haven't been around, but like I said, I'm a stay at home wife for the moment, so who knows how much I might be around.

Want to help me the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society with funding for research, patient assistance and generally just knocking out blood cancers? CLICK THE BANNER BELOW!

*Note - I really do have some donations - my donated money hasn't transferred to my NC TNT account yet, I'm at $875 and I'm hoping to be at $1,600 by the end of July - 16 days away! YIKES. If you've got $5 to spare, I'd appreciate it greatly!


  1. Awesome post Brit :) Love your updates. And good for you getting out there and recommitting to being active and eating right. Can you come here and motivate me?

  2. Welcome back! Don't feel too badly about not blogging. If I blog more than twice a month, I feel insanely proud but also like I'm on crack. Lucky for me, this never happens.

    I hope you guys settle in nicely in North Carolina. If it's anything like I remember from a one week family trip ten years ago, you're gonna LOVE it!