Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Veggie ideas and motivation needed.

I'm about to get real with y'all: I haven't been motivated to do jack crap in the past few weeks.

Climbing Mt. Everest does not
seem "Fun" to me.
I'm not sure if it's the weather, my birthday, work, or just life in general throwing me off...but yeah - I'm not interested in doing physical right now. For some reason, telling me to go for a run these past few weeks has been tantamount to telling me to climb Mt. Everest.

No, seriously.

Even when I do go run, I feel sluggish because I'm not even eating the right foods recently. I feel like I just need a swift healthy living kick in the butt.

However, on the food side of things, I can tell my body is starting to get annoyed that I've stopped eating as many veggies. I used to try to eat a veggie with every meal, and recently for one reason or another, I've stopped. My body seems to like veggies, I need to get more of them in. Maybe I'll go get a yummy salad tomorrow to jump start my crispy crunchy lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers.

What are some of your favorite ways to eat more veggies? What's your favorite veggie? Do you bring veggies for lunch at work? I eat plenty of fruit, I think (CLEMENTINES ARE MY CRACK - ooh...insert Whitney Houston dying joke here? Too soon? Sorry...), but I seriously need help on the veggie thing. Eating better should also make a big difference when it comes to feeling better - which in turn should make me more motivated.

This afternoon, I was thinking about ways to motivate myself and ways to make myself go workout on a more regular basis, when I stumbled upon this blog post on Pinterest - I'm pretty sure she nailed it!

Her 7 Rituals For Running When You're Unmotivated are amazing - and you should totally do each and every one of them when you're just not feeling it. In fact, I plan on trying them this week. I can't imagine that I will suddenly be super motivated to start working out this week. But it's worth a shot. I plan to come up with my own list of ways to motivate myself, but I need to figure those out first, which means I need to get motivated!

It's Valentine's Day week and my husband will be turning 33, so I have a feeling that we won't exactly be sticking to our typical routine. However, I need to be doing SOMETHING - I have a race to run in less than a month! I seriously need to get my training in.



  1. For lunch I usually make a salad (with lettuce and spinach) with a small bag of chips or crackers (since i know depriving myself of chips does NOT work for me) and I also bring a bag of carrot sticks or lately I have been bringing cucumber slices. I think I am weird and usually sprinkle a little salt on them and just eat them. They are good and really low calorie, and helps me when I feel like I am still hungry. I also use a lot of veggies in my cooking, so try to sneak them in there. AND TRY SPAGHETTI SQUASH AGAIN. It's good, for real, and you get to eat veggies with feeling like you are eating pasta! :) Also, try to mix up your veggies, I used to just eat canned veggies and heat them up with butter, but I have been roasting my fresh asparagus and broccoli lately and its so good! I haven't tried the mashed cauliflower yet, but it's on my list! And Brian might thing in taters! Oh and I also lay out zucchini slices on a pan and top them each with a teeny bit of bread crumbs (like less than 1/4 for the whole pan) and spray it with my misto or cooking spray and you can feel like you are eating fried zucchini without feeling guilty! :)

    Well that was long winded. Geez.

  2. I cut up and bag celery and carrots for the week on Sunday. I also get canned green beans, steamed cauliflower or broccoli, prep it and put it in five containers so I know I have them on hand at lunch every day. Then anything else fresh that's on sale - pepper strips, cucumbers (my favorite, and they're never on sale!).

    At night, I braise or roast cabbage. Super cheap and good for you.

  3. I have not yet met a vegetable that did not taste good steamed than sauteed in butter (olive oil if you must) with garlic.

  4. Thanks for link lady! The first step is the hardest :) Good luck!

  5. I'm into roasting everything. I put some olive oil, s&p, and some cardamom on them. 500* for 15-20 minutes. Shake em and turn em and stuff at 10 minutes. Cauliflower, broccoli, brussels sprouts, mushrooms (they are really yummy this way), butternut squash, asparagus. Yum.