Tuesday, January 10, 2012


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I'm pretty sure that if I could have managed to dance after I ran those 13.1 miles, I would have danced exactly like that kid up there. Holy crap. My insides were all "WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" My muscles, however were all "omg dead. DEAD. Please stop moving, just lay down, sleep, do not move anymore!" I may have fallen asleep in the tub after the race. Maybe.

Me and Chrissy at the Expo
Some of your might know that my friend Chrissy flew in from Oregon to do the Mississippi Blues Marathon while I did the 1/2 Marathon. She was answering my questions and teaching me stretches and basically just being my moral support before I started the whole thing. I was so nervous before the race that I literally clung to her for dear life a few times that morning. She was so supportive and reassuring. I honestly don't know what I would have done that morning without her.
Posing like losers - because we are losers.

We went to the expo before the race and collected our bibs and bags o'swag, walked around to visit some vendors and listened to some live blues music. It was a great atmosphere to get us pumped for the next morning. Oh - and of course, we posed with the big ole guitar, because we're nerds like that. Check our how much taller than Chrissy I am. NICE.

Anyhoo, that night, we went and ate hibachi (Chrissy didn't even know what hibachi WAS...I know...I KNOW) so we had some delicious fried rice and carbo loaded, kinda. Next time, I'll choose something a tad more healthy. Especially since the cook was using an incredible amount of butter; yikes. However, it was delicious, Chrissy got to experience hibachi and dammit, I got to watch an onion turn into a volcano and then a locomotive.

In front of the MS Capitol Building
That night, I couldn't sleep. Chrissy had told me what to expect, but I couldn't help but be terrified that by mile 6 my body would just stop and I'd be one of the losers without a "Finisher" medal. I woke up the next morning, showered (to wake up), got dressed, ate some whole wheat toast with natural peanut butter and sliced banana and headed out (at this point, I'd like to add, that peanut butter and banana is delicious and if you don't like it, you suck at life). I'm pretty sure I was shaking the whole way to downtown Jackson - but we made it!

The Finish Line!
The starting line was crowded! There were about 2,500 people registered to run the Mississippi Blues marathon and half marathon and we tried to get towards the back of that group. Chrissy did a great job keeping me focused on where the finish line was, what I'd have to do to get there and that there was no way I'd be the last person to come in. On top of that, moments before the gun went off, I started receiving texts from friends and family wishing me luck and sending me good vibes. Those meant the world to me. I have the best cheerleaders ever.

We also took some time to do a mini photo shoot to calm my nerves. Yes, We are attractive people. We had to calm my nerves somehow! We look so awake! I'm sort of shocked.
Chrissy before the race
Us before the race.

Standard pre-race pose.
Have I mentioned yet how amazing and uplifting Chrissy is? She ran/walked the first part of the run with me, about 3 miles, until she had to go and do her own course for the marathon. She kept track of our times on the first few miles and let me know we were doing well and even gave me one last hug before she left me. I won't lie, thinking about how truly motivational she was kinda makes me teary, I'm going to miss running with her at my next half marathon (yes, this means I'm doing another, which means I didn't hate it! - keep reading!). After a quick hug from Chrissy and a few more motivational words as I ran away, I was on my own.


There were people around me going at their own pace - people who I thought I should be beating. There was even one guy who was wearing a shirt that said "This is my first [half] marathon - there are many like it - but this one is MINE." Having him in front of me motivated me - if this guy can do it so can I! I can't really remember much about the actual running, to be honest. I remember where we ran, but I can't remember how I felt other than "it's mile X...that's no so bad...keep going!" Plus, while we were running, there would be blues bands on the side of the roads to keep us pumped up. It was a fun run! Hilly - looooots of hills, but definitely fun!

My Medal!
Of course, the most important part of the race was finishing, grabbing a beer, stretching out and getting this bombass medal. Check it out! I'm sorta proud of that baby. I sprinted my last .05 of a mile and made the little girl at the end put it around my neck. She hadn't just run/walked 13.1 miles - she could do it for me, dammit.

I finished with a time of 3 hours, 3 minutes and 1 second - which is about a 14 minute mile! Faster than I had hoped for! Yay! However, I was sore. So, so, sore. Chrissy said the way that marathoners/half marathoners walk after a race is called the "Marathon Strut" - her mother prefers to call it a Waddle. I agree with her mom. I was a waddlin' fool.

Lots of stretching and BioFreeze and Aleve later and I'm finally back to walking like normal today. You should have seen it though - I kept Brian chuckling, especially going up and down the stairs (which hurts just to think about)! But even being sore, I will definitely run another half-marathon. Holy crap that was fun. Plus, it's always fun to win a medal and drink beer!
Chissy with her HUGE medal

Me with my FINISHER medal
Chrissy finished her marathon in 5 hours and 30 minutes - which, to me is AMAZING, but she's used to finishing within 5 hours, so I think she was bummed. I'm just thrilled she was able to run with me! Look how great she looked when she finished! I guarantee that if I did 26.2 miles I would not look this adorable.

All in all, I'd say it was a success! I gained confidence by actually surviving this 13.1 mile trek through Jackson and I'd say I gained a lot of knowledge about distance running and about myself. I can't wait to do another one.  Who wants me to come visit? My only request is that you join me and do the run! YOU CAN DO IT TOO!



  1. I'm so very proud of you. Seriously. You're amazing!

    And if you're ever bored and in my neck of the woods: http://www.siouxfallsmarathonhalfmarathon.com/

  2. You have to do it with me, Anna! That's my only requirement!

  3. You are awesome!!!!!! I knew you could do it!!! I'm so glad you want to keep going with this. :)

  4. There is a half in Santiago in April that I could probably be talked into...this week is 12 weeks out, perfect amount of time to train!

  5. I had a blast. PS, I LOOOVE my hair in that last picture. Just glorious. haha

    You did awesome! I am so happy I was able to be there while you did it.

  6. You ROCK! I am amazed and impressed by you!

  7. Britt when's the next one you're doing? I'll come visit and run with you. I need a goal to work towards.

  8. http://www.halfmarathons.net/race_calendar_north_carolina.html

    The one on April 28th is right down the road from my house!

  9. You did great! And those medals rock!

  10. You're awesome, Britto. The time has come to send your awful present.


  11. Seriously proud of you. Just imagine how impressed Coach Blue would be with you! ;)

    Toronto half marathon? Yes?