Sunday, January 6, 2013

It's Sunday, we'll consider this "Week One - COMPLETE!"

New kicks in the new year. Yes, technically I got these in 2012, but who cares. I didn't get to bust them out til 2013 since I've been hurt and they're new and I love them, so whatever. 2013 is the year of the bright orange shoes.

I got super lucky getting these babies, too. One of my dad's friends from high school has become one of MY friends and she won a random NikeID gift card. Since she didn't need it, she passed it to me and I made these sweet thangs. They're super light weight and I can't wait to put some serious miles on these things. Thanks so much, Ms. GiGi!

This week went okay - not anything fantastic, but nothing too terrible either. I've been on 3 different exercisey excursions and I've gone a total of about 6 miles. Nothing too serious, but good for building up my endurance and working back slowly from my stupid injury.

Speaking of my stupid injury, after talking with my Team in Training coordinator, Sandra, I set up an appointment with another Sports Medicine Orthopedic doctor to get a second opinion on this whole hip situation. If she tells me not to run, I'm going to be one unhappy lady. It's starting to feel sooooo good (even if running in the cold is my nemesis).

I've had a general feeling of "people are cheering me on" since Wednesday. A teller from work offered to meet me at the gym in the mornings, I had a GREAT meeting with Sandra about reaching my TNT fundraising goals, and a random guy gave me a thumbs up and said "keep going! You're doing great!" to me yesterday on the path behind the house. I bet that guy does that to everyone, but dangit, he's awesome for doing it. I kept up with him for a while, but then of course, I needed to breathe. Either way, random stranger on the Bicentennial Greenway - YOU ARE AWESOME. THANK YOU!

Speaking of cheerleaders - I'M SO PROUD OF MY DAD! That's us next to the Christmas tree where we had Christmas brunch this year. He's set a goal to walk on the treadmill in his own personal little workout cabin (He sells log homes, y'all. Want one? He can hook you up.) EVERY SINGLE DAY. He's been posting on Facebook when he does it. I'm so proud. He's pretty much my favorite person on the planet (don't tell my husband) and if getting his butt on the treadmill keeps him around longer, I'm all for it. I can't wait til I get his ass in a 5k or something. Love you, Daddy!

Sometimes we just need a cheerleader and if cheering on others makes it so we get on the karma train for people cheering for us, then dammit, let's do it. Be someone's cheerleader today. Seriously! What's not to like about making someone feel good? Making someone's day suck less and maybe, just maybe, giving them a confidence boost? I'll be the first to tell you that I have zero self esteem and confidence isn't exactly my middle name - but when someone gives me a little boost, it's like giving me a shot of awesome. So yes. DO IT. If you're at the gym and see someone getting tired - give them a smile (don't be creepy though, creepers). If you're out for a jog and you see someone who's obviously working on a new year/new them thing - give them a thumbs up or something when you go by. You seriously never know how it can affect someone. But again, don't be creepy. Creepy people are weird. Don't do that. Just be awesome.

'Til next time!

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