Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Weekends SUCK.

Our nephew had his 5th birthday party this weekend - YAY! We had a huge water slide and got to hang out with friends and family. It was great except for the fact that I was HORRIBLE about what I was eating and drinking that night. I had 3 beers (Mich. Ultra, but still - I'd sworn off alcohol until September 24th!), KFC and some grilled chicken wings that were out. I'm pretty positive that I killed my diet for the whole weekend that night.

Oh yeah - and I probably didn't mention that I was wearing a bathing suit during this party. This one, to be exact. So basically, I was at this party, noshing on pretty much everything in sight, and I was in that (and a coverup dress thing over it most of the time).

Here's the thing. That bathing suit? It's one of those magic eye miracle bathing suit things. I mean, look at it! It's all old lady-ish, with rouching in the center to make it look less like that's my flab that's bumpy there in the front. It's definitely not what I pictured myself wearing at 26.

Granted, I wore a two piece WAY longer than I should have - but apparently in my old age and current state of obeast-ness, I've decided to wear old lady bathing suits. Seriously!? I'm 26! I should be wearing cute bathing suits that show off my rack - not the same thing your 86 year old next door neighbor is wearing to the pool.

Weekends are my enemy. Brian and I get together with friends and family regularly on the weekends and it almost always revolves somehow around food - and many times it's a plethora of food laid out and we're all supposed to just eat when we're hungry. If I see food, I'm eating the food. I need to train my brain not to think that way. If it's there, someone should really be eating it - I just need that person to not be ME - I'm sick of the old lady bathing suit!


  1. I don't know many 86 year old ladies who wear a strapless bathing suit. :)

    For what it's worth, I think it looks just fine for a 26 year old!

  2. Hi-

    Got your blog from TK...

    A good plan for family parties and all the food just laid out. Get a smaller plate and sit farther away from where the food is laid out, with your back to it.

    I have read a study about how people who eat at all you can eat places with their backs to the food, eat less food than people looking at the food. Just trying to help.

  3. Chrissy,
    Sweet! My first rando! Well, I guess you aren't totally rando if you found me on TK. Anyhoo - thanks for the advice! Any little bit I can get really helps.

    Matt+Jess, the bathing suit is playing tricks on you, I promise =) Even my husband says it's an old lady bathing suit. But he's kind of a jerk sometimes ;)

    Thanks, ladies!