Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wise Words

I totally stole that from my friend Mandy's blog - blog. the canadian one. I believe it's going to need to become my new mantra. I've printed it out and put it on my desk at work; you know, the place where I stress out and request for my boss to get me french fries from the McDonald's that is literally a stones throw away?

Hey! Check out my three hole punch! HOT!

My eating habits at work are the pits. Like I said in my first post, my boss knows that if I'm in a crummy mood or I'm mad at her and she wants to kiss and make up, all she has to do is bring me fries. She'll even call when she's on the road and ask if I want some. SHE'S AN ENABLER. She might look sweet and tiny - but she's pretty much got it out for me.

Just kidding. Maybe.

My boss, Nicki, has actually been pretty awesome - keeping healthy food around, always taking vitamins and cleanses and stuff. She's almost always trying to make herself healthier in one way or another. She also knows the rules now about no fries. Basically, if she pisses me off now, I'm going to require jewelry or something. I won't let her cheap out with french fries anymore!

This whole thing has really gotten me thinking about the reasons I eat. I've told Brian before that I often eat when I'm not hungry, because I feel like I should be hungry. Ex: "It's 6pm and I haven't eaten dinner? Weird. I should eat." or "Damn, I just had breakfast at 11 (don't you love weekends!?) but it's 1 and I wont have dinner until 6; I should eat something." And then, of course, there's the whole grazing aspect of my life. If there is food on the table - that stuff is going in my belly. Especially if it's salty and crunchy.

My willpower will be tested this weekend at my nephew's birthday party. I'm sure there will be an abundance of awesome snacks and of course cake for me to attempt to avoid. I intend to keep my portions under control and stay the eff away from the food as much as I can. I CAN DO IT!

I'm sure I'll be back on Monday with a "Well, sh*t, I ate 5 pieces of pizza and 2 pieces of cake" entry, but hey. I'm going into this with my plan of attack - and I'll have my phone charged at at the ready for those moments when I just need a little push to keep me away from the large bowl of Lays potato chips.

I'm going to keep this mantra in my head and see where the weekend takes me.


  1. If you know there's only going to be pizza and cake bring a veggie tray! That way you can have something healthy that will help limit the amount of pizza and cake you eat.

    You can do it!

  2. It looks suspiciously like you are blogging at work... LOL.