Thursday, July 28, 2011

I didn't realize I could run (well, sorta...)

I've wanted to run a 5K for quite some time. I've always thought it would be pretty cool - the number on your shirt, the camaraderie between runners, the cool little cups of gatorade/water that get passed to you as you run...I've always thought that was pretty cool. There's just one little problem with my dream of becoming a runner - I don't run. Like, ever.

In high school, I played a lot of basketball - because my dad made me, or else he'd take away my car, and like any high school kid, my car was extremely important to my social life. However, I guess my dad had my best interests at heart - I wasn't a fat kid in high school and I'm totally a fat kid now. I'd say the one major difference is my activity level.

Last night, I got my run on. Granted, I couldn't go very long before I felt the need to stop and go back to walking, but dammit. I ran. I ran mailboxes. I remember my basketball coach telling us to do it and I thought it was such a stupid idea, but damn, it kicked my butt. I've noticed that most people have no idea what I mean when I say I "ran mailboxes" basically, it means you walk to a mailbox and then run to the next one, then you walk again - over and over. I proudly made it twice around our block without dying. I also did a whole lap around the block running. But then I went back in the house and promptly chugged water and wanted to die.

I can't believe I was actually able to run at all! I'm not going to lie, I didn't love it, but dammit - I do NOT want to be the girl who can't run if zombies come after me. We all remember the first rule of Zombie Land.

Brian often says that if the Zombie Apocalypse happens he's gonna trip me. Not if I'm faster than you and have better endurance, honey!



  1. I've never heard of "running mailboxes" but I think it's a really great idea! And I don't run, either. But I have to push myself to start. I did the whole "anyone can do five minutes of running" last Sunday...and then got to realize just how fat and out of shape I was.

    Keep going! You're doing great!

  2. I love that you and Brian have a plan in place for the Zombie Apocalypse. Not so sure if it's a good thing that it involves sacrificing each other! :)

  3. Surviving the Zombie Apocolypse is merely one of the benefits of weight loss.

  4. If you need motivation, get someone to dress up as a zombie and chase you down the block!