Monday, October 17, 2011

Not enough of a "runner" apparently...

So a few people have told me to go into running stores and talk to the people who work there and see about group runs, etc.

Close to my house, there's a store dedicated to runners called "Stinky Feet." I was really excited to go in and talk to runners who know what they're talking about and see if they could give me some info on group runs, etc. It wasn't exactly a welcoming environment. In fact, I got the feeling they didn't understand why I would be in there.

I walked in and went to the desk, explained to a very nice redhead and a gorgeous brunette that I was just starting to run and I'd been told by a few people that I should check and see if they have any running groups. The brunette said "Yeah, we go 4.5 miles every Tuesday night - you'd have to train a lot to run with us" Gee, thanks, yo. How did she know I can't run 4.5 miles? Maybe I'm a ninja under all of this fat.

I admitted that 4.5 miles was a bit much for me to run right now and asked if either of them knew of more "beginner" types of running groups. Brunette said "We cater to more serious runners so not really..." thankfully the redhead spoke up and mentioned that she knows of a group than runs in Clinton (too far) but at least she was helpful.

I left that store feeling defeated and like I wasn't good enough to be a runner. And it's not like anyone took the time to ask me about my goals or anything - I was the only customer. I could have very easily bought a pair of shoes or some other equipment while I was there. But I didn't. I didn't feel like I was good enough to be in there.

This is the exact opposite from what I've experienced from runners online. The runners I've spoken to online are full of enthusiasm, encouragement and knowledge of running and what it takes to be a runner. I wish I had a running buddy in the area. I can't wait to take my business somewhere other than Stinky Feet and then walk my skinny butt in there one day and show them I AM a runner.


  1. Don't let some bitchy salesgirl dissuade you! That sucks that she was snotty, but I think you're right that most runners and running stores are a little more welcoming.

  2. Awww. I'm sorry! I'm totally not a runner either, and it's this kind of stuff that worries me. boo.

    Maybe try MeetUp? You could always start a group there! Or check with colleges in your area; they often times have a student group kind of thing you could get in contact with? (My alum also does a work-out buddy matching thing!)

  3. Big Mistake. HUGE!

    That's awful. Everyone that I know (mostly from blogs, but friends in real life, too) are extremely encouraging. Not everyone can run a 5k straight out of the gate. We all have to start somewhere.

  4. THAT'S AWFUL!!! I vote to kick her out of the running community.

    Our running store here is uber friendly and nice. It doesn't matter if you are just learning to get off your butt to go for a 1 minute walk. They will get you lined up with the shoes that you need.

    They suck. I'm sending bad karma their way.

  5. Wow. Seems like feet aren't the only stinky things there.
    I'm really sorry this happened to you. Use this as motivation to kick more butt!

    I'm seriously pissed off for you right now. There are some teams that race and train at high intensity levels, and there are clubs that are casual and social for good health. This to me seems like the latter, so why those ladies were so judgemental and rude is beyond me. I know plenty of runners who may not fit into the cookie cutter mold of what a runner looks like. And those people are good. No better than good, great.

    What they should have said was that absolutely they had a club, and they are meeting Tuesday and running 4.5 miles and it's at x time and x place. Then let you decide if you want to do it. Seriously?? I feel like marching down to ole Miss right now and setting these sad excuse for humans straight.

    Do not let this get you down. Remember how good running and training makes you feel and keep working hard!

  6. They sound like grade A assholes.

    If you run, you're a runner. Keep up the good work. WE know you for who you really are! :)