Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween is quickly approaching!

And I'm still not under 200 lbs. I'm sitting pretty at 202. WTF, Body!? I can't say it's my body's fault, actually. Brian and I have been terrible with our diet in the last week or so. I blame the McRib - he heard it's back and we've had McD's 3 times. I also blame McD's because two of those three times, I tried to order a grilled chicken sandwich. Once they were out of chicken breasts, the other time, I waited 17 (yes, SEVENTEEN) minutes for my grilled chicken sandwich, then they said I still had to wait 3 more minutes b/c they hadn't started cooking it yet. Brian was done. Stupid McDonalds.

I think I'm also thinking that I'm somehow sabotaging myself. Its as if I'm telling myself "hey, its not a big deal if you eat that cookie, you worked out yesterday!" a lot. Way too often. And beer - I need to not drink beer, or plan for it or something.

I love beer. Why can't beer be healthy?!


  1. I think sometimes everyone gets to that point that they want to reward themselves! But no worries, just choose the celery instead of the cookie next time. As for the beer thing, just drink vodka instead, less calories! ;)

  2. I really wish beer was healthy too. It is definitely my downfall.