Thursday, March 29, 2012

I love food.

Yes, I'm one of those women who makes lunch for her husband. Judge me all you'd like, but if it keeps him from running to Popeyes or Wendy's on his lunch break and saves us a few bucks, I'll spare 2 extra minutes to make his lunch while I make mine.

Anyway, so while I make our lunches every day, I realize that I put WAY more into my bag that I put into Brian's bag. My lunch bag today consisted of this:

  • 1/2 cup of pineapple tidbits
  • roughly 3oz of Very Veggie Salad
  • roughly 2 tbsp of Ken's Raspberry Pecan fat free dressing (effing delicious, by the way. You should try it)
  • Dannon Oikos Blueberry yogurt
  • PB and J sandwich
    • 2 tbsp natural peanut butter
    • 1 tbsp reduced sugar grape jelly
    • 1 piece of whole wheat bread
It also included my breakfast and mid-morning snack:
  • Jimmy Dean D-Light's english muffin with turkey sausage, egg whites and low fat cheese (I'm slightly addicted to these and they're SO cheap at Sam's!)
  • Banana - as if you couldn't figure that one out.
That's a lot of stuff to put in a lunch bag, apparently! Brian always requests three things, never more, never less. When I give him 4 (even if it's small like string cheese), he says it was too much. He's weird. 

Do you eat big random lunches too?


  1. Totally the same thing in our house too! I tried filling my H's like mine, and he just brought half of the stuff home because it was "too much". Whatever. And yes, i too make my H's lunch. In fact, I make a whole pan of egg bakes on Sunday night so he can have a tasty breakfast all week.

    Today i had:
    *2 ham and swiss rollups
    *a package of "smokehouse" almonds (SO good!)
    *cottage cheese with a sprinkle of paprika
    *leftover grilled peppers and mushrooms
    *Fage greek yogurt with honey
    *a light Babybel cheese (yay Sam's Club)
    *sugar-free strawberry banana jello

    1. I usually have a jumbo salad, (your three ounces looks crazy small for me O_o) , a serving of chips or crackers of some sort, and carrots/celery/and or cucumbers to snack on after lunch. Then I either have a couple slices of wheat bread or an english muffin for breakfast. And sometimes I'm still hungry. Sometimes I make Matt a similar sized salad and he tells me he couldn't finish it. I eat so.much.