Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Challenge #1 - FAIL

Remember my oh so simple sounding challenge to myself last week? Yeah. I failed that night. I don't even remember what we ate for dinner, but it wasn't until after I ate it that I remembered what I had promised myself - and I was too ashamed to come on here the next day and say "yeah, I already ate (instert deep fried goodness here)  - I suck."

However, I've been praised for my honesty here in my blog and dammit - I FAILED. Miserably. So I guess it means I need to challenge myself again.


Whatcha think? What would you suggest I challenge myself to do? I think I'm going to start a weekly challenge that I will complete and blog about. If I know people are pulling for me or are interested in if I can do it or whatever, I'm more likely to take this stuff seriously.

SERIOUSLY, you guys. This is the internet. I have to make you all like me. KIDDING.

But yeah! What should my first challenge be? Leave a comment! These are going to be WEEKLY challenges (I don't trust myself to do Vegan March, like my friend Sam - who has a HILARIOUS blog) so give me something I can do for a week - or more!

COMMENT NOW - or I might have to hunt you down and tickle you til you give me ideas.


  1. A week where you make only positive comments about your body - in "real life" or online.

    How are your water drinking habits? If you don't usually get enough, maybe see how many days in a row you can meet your daily requirement for water.

    Read at least one article on healthy living (in a magazine or online) every day for a week?

    Just a few suggestions. They may all suck. But I'll be cheering for you either way!

  2. Not sure if you are a huge meat eater or anything. But maybe try a couple of times one week to eat no meat that day.

    A while ago, a goal was to try every veggie at the store, maybe pick up 3 or 4 different types of veggies a week, and work them into your dinner or lunch.

    Do you drink soda/pop a lot? Coffee style drinks? Try to keep liquid calories under 200-300 a day. If you drink just straight coffee, that is only 5 calories per 16oz cup. Adding milk and sugar doesn't even add to many cals.

    Set a minimum time and minimum day for walking. Like 4 times this week, I'm going to walk for 30-45 minutes after dinner. X will like it.

    That's all I got for now.

  3. Hmm, I see you've already received some awesome suggestions. Pretty much everything I was thinking of is already listed here. Some key ones that I think are great challenges:

    -Cutting out soda/coffee and replacing with water
    -Going meatless 1-2 times a week
    -Avoiding eating out as much as possible and making your meals at home.
    -Trying to avoid processed foods
    -Trying a new exercise class/routine. I love kickboxing while my roommate loves Zumba.

    My current challenge is to try and get eight hours of sleep a night --not going so well. But sleep, exercise and nutrition all go together into making you a healthy person.

    Try not to get too stressed about your challenges, either. Mistakes and slipping up are what happens in real life--and they're relatable. Just keep trying!

    PS-- Thanks for the blog shout-out! I'm going to try and take a lesson from you and update more frequently--you're rocking it!

  4. Do you eat a healthy breakfast when you wake up in the morning? Also do you like tea? (Not sweet tea) Because drinking tea is a really good detox, if you don't like water it also disguises it.

    Do you eat snacks late at night?

    You also mentioned your struggle during football season, which I totally understand. Could you host a game at your house and then provide the snacks? You could have veggies and fruit and healthy stuff and it may end up helping your friends out, too.

    Also, is it possible for H to go running/walking with you, and for him to sign up for the half? It could be a fun thing to do together, and would motivate each of you more if you have that commitment to each other.