Sunday, September 4, 2011

Weakness: Weekends

I've said it before and I'll say it again - EFF WEEKENDS. I do SO well during the week normally and then Friday night rolls around and it's as if I haven't been working hard to eat healthy food all week. This Friday night, Brian wanted to eat leftover turkey tacos and I wasn't feeling it, so I ate more veggie buffalo wings - I love you Morning Star Farms! - and some french fries, with ranch. I was okay with portions so I didn't blow my diet out of the water, but I definitely should have eaten something a touch healthier. *sigh*

Florida Gator Football - you will NOT make me fat!
Saturday morning I was asleep. We didn't get out of bed until 1:30 and it was amazing. I told myself I was going to eat a healthy lunch and I did, I had a turkey sandwich and it was delicious. I even did okay for dinner Saturday when I made personal meat loaves for us with ground turkey. What I didn't anticipate was that some friends would come over Saturday night for the Florida Gator football game and bring beer.

Beer! You WILL make me fat!
I'm an American, people. Football and free beer? Yes please. I can't say no. I'm sorry. Asking me to say no to football, friends and free beer is like asking me to tell my country to eff off - ain't happening - 'MURRICA!

Anyway, so our friends came over with beer. It was a dangerous time - but hey, like I said, I'm an American and I will drink free beer - who am I to say "Ya know, I appreciate you bringing beer, but I'm just not gonna drink it"? Anyway, since I haven't been drinking as much as I used to, my tolerance is laughable. I had 4 Bud Lights and I was on cloud 9. Here's the kicker, I was already over my calories after beer #1, but Brian said "Let's call my sister and have her take us to Waffle House!" - BAD MOVE...but a delicious move.

Here's the thing, my dad raised me in Waffle House. Some of my earliest memories are singing "Tear in my Beer" - a song I've never heard anywhere but pumping out of a Waffle House juke box. I can't say no to Waffle House when I'm sober, let alone when I'm super excited to be drinking beer.

So, we went to Waffle House. I got what I always get there. A Patty Melt on wheat with extra onions, with hashbrowns scattered, smothered, covered and chunked. For all of you who aren't lucky enough to have the Waffle House hashbrown menu memorized (I'm sorry) that means: scattered on the grill, with onions and ham mixed in and then a piece of cheese melted on top. Why yes, it is heaven! I'm glad you were able to realize that! However, it was no good for my diet. I need Waffle House to come out with some healthy hashbrowns. Please - and thank you.

Weekends are evil. I NEED to change this pattern. Any suggestions? I think keeping up with my MyFitnessPal food diary is imperative. Plus, I need to find a way to get at least a little bit of exercise in one day per weekend. But SOMEHOW I need to figure out how to expect the unexpected on weekends - friends coming over spur of the moment, etc. Maybe I just need to keep some liquor around and some mixers so I can make low calorie drinks and still get buzzed with my pals. *sigh* Something's gotta give, weekends!

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