Monday, September 12, 2011

My skirt is falling off!

I'm pretty excited about this - a skirt that I bought and very vividly remember being too tight for me, is literally falling off! I keep having to pull it up as I go on with my day. I'm feeling like a bad ass. Look how cute I am (ignore the mess, please. I need to clean my bathroom)!

I also purchased a pair of size 14 jeans this weekend. If they don't fit when they get here next week, I might cry. If they DO fit, I might also cry.

So, my "training" for the half marathon in January is going. Nothing too spectacular, but I definitely need to get my endurance up. I need to be awesome at walking because 13.1 miles isn't a walk in the park! I'm also still working on my running, which I'm still not very good at. Oh well.

Has anyone used the "Nike Training Club" app? I'm kind of loving it! It's like a step by step workout - it made me do lunges. I HATE LUNGES. But, I kind of dig this app! I definitely suggest it if you're just looking for something to change up your workouts. There are workouts where you don't need any equipment at all and others where you need dumbbells, medicine balls, jump ropes, etc. I'm really enjoying throwing it in with my walking/running workouts. SO DOWNLOAD IT! I think it's free. Or it was when I got it. I don't pay for apps - Brian would kick my butt lol.

Speaking of Apps, I love love LOVE my My Fitness Pal App. I know I've said it before, but damn, this thing is great and you can even scar bar codes of the stuff you're eating to make sure you're getting the right nutrition information. Be my friend on MFP! BRenkwell is my username.

Speaking of My Fitness Pal - look at a screen shot I took of my App the other day! Yep! That's me at the top - I've lost 11.6 pounds so far! YAY! I'm excited. I hope it keeps coming off. MFP even moved me from eating 1740 calories a day to 1680 - I'm surprised how much faster I'm reaching 1680 than 1740! But hey, I'm okay with it. I'M LOSING WEIGHT!

I guess that's about all I've got for this update...anyone wanna make me a cool graphic for the top of this thing? My blog is kinda blah compared to all of you fancy bloggers.

I'll love you forever!


  1. Super exciting about the too big skirt! The pants will fit you very soon.

    Keep it up!

  2. Go you! So proud of you, sweetie!

  3. You look amazing!!!! Great job! :)

  4. Love the belt-over-sweater combo. I have about ten mottos, but one of them is "When in doubt, BELT IT."

    (*Does not apply to overalls.)