Wednesday, September 28, 2011

DAMMIT! Failed again.

I suck ass at challenges apparently. I took one picture of my food all week...and when I just went looking through my phone to find it, I realized that I have deleted it. AWESOME!

My meals don't really change so much though. I literally eat the same thing almost every day when I have what to eat in the house.

Typical Day:

Breakfast: A Jimmy Dean's D-Light's breakfast sandwich (english muffin, turkey sausage, cheese and egg whites).

Lunch: Sandwich (one piece of whole wheat bread, light mayo, turkey), Yogurt/Fresh fruit, something crunchy

Snack: Granola bar or Yogurt (if I didn't eat it at lunch)

Dinner: Whatever we have at the house, chicken or ground turkey is typically the main event.

This makes it seem like I never eat junk. I totally do. I love junk food. I need to stay away from it! Oh well. It's one of those things I guess. Learning moderation.

I also haven't worked out, gone running/walking, or hell, even lifted anything too heavy in about 2 weeks (maybe 3). My motivation and drive to succeed is waning and I'm not liking it. It's like I got to 10 lbs lost and my mind was like "great job, you don't have to try anymore!" WRONG. I'm still hovering at right at about 10 lbs down.

Ugh, I really need to get back out there and start training for the half marathon I'll be doing in January...13.1 miles is going to SUCK if I'm not ready for it. Speaking of...check out this kick ass ticker!

Yep, I've got that long to train my ass off and gain some endurance! It's going to be hard. Any tips and tricks would be appreciated!


  1. Keep it up LDY, just use the marathon as your motivation. Even if you just get out and run for 10 or so minutes around the block, it's better than nothing! Try keeping a journal tracking your workouts, it will motivate you to make sure there are few empty spaces.

    What kind of yogurt to you eat? I recently switched to Chobani because it is higher in protein and has no fat. A book I'm reading "Fast Track" explains that people on diets higher in protein, and lower (not few, just lower) in carbs can be very effective. HTH!

  2. Run run run! Trust me, in 3 months, you can do some amazing training, but if you don't stick to it, 13.1 miles is going to be hell.