Sunday, September 18, 2011

Wanted: Willpower - can I get some on CraigsList?

This whole week has been a blur of bad food and laziness. Seriously. I'm not exactly sure why either. It just means I need to do better.

I was a co-hostess of a wedding shower for one of my best friend's, Leah, this weekend. There was SO MUCH FOOD. Bacon wrapped weenies; fruit with a crack dip made with cream cheese, sugar caramel sauce, heath bars, and chocolate chips; chocolate covered strawberries; something called Captain Rodney's dip that you spread on a cracker; mini quiche; pinwheels; and lots and lots of alcohol. Oh and I forgot the cake. Basically, we had way too much food so we all sat there and ate it. And then we continued to eat it.

I am terrible in settings like that! I tried so hard at first to not eat the stuff that was bad for me and stay close to the bottles of water and fruit (without the dip) but you should have seen this spread. It was amazing. I really need to figure out a way to keep myself from eating or "grazing" when there is just food lying around! Any ideas?

Like I said earlier, this week was rough. I went walking twice, but it wasn't much at all. I really need to make some improvements.

The challenge I've made for myself this week (not that none of yours were good, but this one popped into my head, sorry) is to take pictures on my phone of everything I eat. If I'd be embarrassed to take a pic and show the world what I'm eating, then that must mean something. So basically, you guys are going to get to see all of the food I eat this week! YAY!

Please do NOT hesitate to tell me I'm eating crap or tell me that I could have eaten X instead of Y. I'm still learning! And if you can think of some challenges for me, please let me know! I fell off the wagon again - I don't like it! HELP!


  1. Its okay to fall off the wagon just as long as you get back on! I am terrible at parties too, but I have learned to just allow myself a little of everything instead of an entire plate piled high. Also, make sure to bring some fruit and veggies you can snack on in case you are still feeling hungry! I cannot wait to see your food! I love that idea, I might steal it, even if I just show it to you only <3

    I am not sure of a challenge for you :( Just keep at it and stay motivated!

  2. A good rule of thumb at buffets/parties with copious amounts of food is an easy one.

    Stand/sit with your back to the food or with an obstacle in the way so you can't see it. Get a smaller plate to fill with food.

    We have a tendency to fill up a plate. So if one grabs a smaller plate, filling it up takes less food.

    Remember to take your photos today!

  3. HEY! WHERE IS YOUR FOOD??!?!?!? <Yes that was all needed. This is super serious business.