Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The finish line is my crack - maybe it could be yours too!

That's me. Finishing my first half marathon. Note the amazing form. Note my jubilant expression. Note my boobs all the way up by my chin! Just kidding. I was effing tired!

I promise this will be my last update about the Mississippi Blues Half Marathon - but I need to make something very clear: Finish Lines? They're my crack. I tell myself that running is fun, but who am I kidding? It kinda sucks to be running for 3 hours and knowing you're going to end up exactly where you left off. I tell myself the blisters don't hurt and my muscles aching for a few days isn't a big deal, but it definitely isn't super awesome to hobble around after a race. I tell myself these things because of finish lines.

Finish lines are a destination. Finish lines are a rush. Finish lines mean you've completed something and you deserve a pat on the back - and probably a beer. Sometimes, you even get a medal - which, if you ask me is pretty freaking fantastic. I like shiny things.

I've had a lot of friends/family/randos ask me recently why I run, how they can get started running and why the hell they should run; my answer is "finish lines." Sign up for a 5K, 10K, whatever! Just give yourself a finish line. Once you cross your first one you'll feel one of two things: 1) "I'M NEVER DOING THAT SH*T AGAIN" or 2) "THAT. WAS. AMAZING! I WANT TO DO IT AGAIN!" More often than not, I'd say the latter will come soaring out of your mouth moments after you cross that line. If it doesn't, well, that's fine too! Running isn't for everyone and that's a-ok.

However, if you've been thinking "maybe I should try it" or "I really need some motivation" or "I'm so bored of the gym" - try it. Sign up for a 5k. It doesn't matter if you run the whole way (I sure don't), and it doesn't matter if you are the last person to cross that finish line, what matters is that you did it. The best thing you can do for yourself is try. See if you can make finish lines your crack too.


  1. You are awesome, Britto. *high five*

  2. You're so inspiring. I'm doing my first 5k March 18th, and while I'll probably walk most (if not all) of it, I'm insanely excited about doing it. I hope I feel as awesome as you when I finish it!

  3. You look great crossing! Finish lines are addictive. :)

  4. Britto.. I am officially obsessed with your blog. You crack me up & INSPIRE ME! Love you dearly and thank you for being so freaking honest. I need to be even half as honest as you are on this public blog with myself! Im amazed. AOT sister & see you at the GATE RIVER RUN!!!!!!!! xooxoxo