Sunday, January 15, 2012

Living like a meme

My whole week has been one huge food fest. It's as if everything I have learned about eating has just gone out the window and I'm giving in to every single food want that I have. I've eaten gobs of food. I've made so many trips to the kitchen that I'm pretty positive there's now a rut between my spot on the couch (yes, I'm like Sheldon from Big Bang Theory. I have a spot. Stay out of it.) and the pantry. It's depressing.

I should also add that for the past few weeks, Brian and I have been doing a weigh in every Wednesday morning. This Wednesday morning, I was officially back in the 200 lb club at 202.6. I cried in the shower that morning. I couldn't believe that after running 13.1 miles just days before, that I had GAINED so much weight. The rest of the day, I just kept eating; and I haven't stopped. 
To make it worse, I haven't moved all week. Well, not in a strenuous way at least. I'd say it's because I haven't had time - and I won't lie, this week was busier than most, but I just didn't make the time or use the available time I had. It was all out of lazy. PURE LAZY. See, I'm even too lazy today to write "laziness." I'm full of fail.

Tomorrow is Monday and hopefully it's the start of not eating all of the things. Unfortunately, I'm just not sure that'll happen. I need to get off my ass. I need to get on the road and run and I need to eat like a woman on the road to healthy living again.


  1. *HUGS* You can do it! Considering all the working out you're doing, I wonder if the extra weight is muscle, not fat. You'll make it, Britto, I have faith in you!

  2. Agreed--the scale doesn't always accurately reflect your progress. I almost never weigh myself.

    And remember, one bad week (or month, or half year) doesn't mean you're done for good. We all have off weeks. Just try to remember that you're the one in control of the situation and you're stronger than those fried foods. Sometimes I'll catch myself thinking things like "oh, I already ate some chocolate earlier so today will just be a write-off." But that's no good, and something I'm working on this year to control. You can do it!