Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Howdy, 2012. Please don't suck.

Well, here we are. 2012. If the Myans didn't just run out of room while they were making their calendar and actually had something insightful going on, then we might not be here much longer. Hell, if this really IS the last year that we'll all be here, I might as well do it right, eh?

Most people make some sort of resolution(s) for the year around this time; I'm no exception - which is no surprise. However, I'm trying to continue my "Be Realistic" theme and not set goals that can't be accomplished. List time? I think so.

1) Run one race a month. 5k, 10k, 15k (I'm hoping to do the Gate River Run in Jacksonville, FL in March!), Warrior run, half marathon (?) whatever. Just do one a month. (Or 2...).

2) Reach 170 - or a solid size 12 (where most 12s fit, not one here and there). I understand that muscle weighs more than fat, so reaching just a weight goal isn't exactly the best idea. That's why I put that size 12 thing there. A hot, muscular, 175/180 is fine with me. I just want to be less jello-y.

3) Work on my eating out skills. Eating out is hard. I see delicious things on the menu and then I see the healthy things...of course those delicious things keep holding my attention and, more often than I'd like to admit, the delicious wins out over the healthy. I need to make better decisions, try new things and learn some self control!

4) Be an inspiration to others. Without some of my friends, I wouldn't be where I am today. They have inspired me and passing that inspiration on to others is just paying it forward. Plus, it's just more people to hold me accountable!

5) Which leads me to my final resolution of 2012 Hold myself accountable and be accountable to ME as well as friends. I'm terrible about this. My friends stop asking how working out/eating well is going and I stop working out/eating well. It's stupid. Why can't I do this for ME!? I can, dammit and it's time.

2012 - BRING IT ON.

 And now, your 1st of the month pics - not much has changed. I'm still at 198.8 - but I've started this whole showing my gut to the world thing, so I might as well keep it up. I need to start doing more weightlifting/toning stuff. Currently, I'm all cardio. Which is great, but without making some muscles, I'm going to remain flabtastic.


  1. Woo New Years Resolutions! I think it helps that you already started this journey, and you aren't just starting it the first. You already have months of hard work under your belt. Can't stop now!

    As you keep going, you are going to become an AW when it comes to mirrors and checking out new muscles that keep popping up everywhere. Embrace it!

  2. I like your resolutions, especially the last one. And yes for strength training! I think a lot of people obsess over cardio and calorie burning, but building muscle will totally help you in the long run. And you're in this for the long run (literally, I guess).

    Happy New Year--I have a feeling it's going to be a great one for you!