Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Allergies can bite the big one.

There is literally so much snot coming out of my nose I should change my name to Kleenex. I've been taking Kroger's version of Claritin, but I think I need something else. I'm dying and I don't like it. I rarely get sick. It's driving me crazy.

The worst part about these allergies is that they're knocking me on my ass. I haven't been to the gym since Tuesday the 23rd. I've tried to get going, but when I run, my nose kinda chronically drips anyway (does anyone else have this problem?!) and my sinuses have so much pressure building up in them that I can't imagine I would really be comfortable working out for a long period of time. I'm honestly kinda stuck.

I don't feel sick necessarily, just clogged up? Whatever. Either way, I don't like it. Add my stress from work this past week and a half and you have a pretty blah feeling Me...unfortunately, many times that means I don't make the best food or lifestyle choices.

I definitely had (veggie) buffalo chicken nuggets and french fries Monday night for dinner. It was delicious! I definitely recommend them! They're by Morningstar  Farms and, while they're not the greatest things ever to be eating, I mean, at least I baked them right? But I didn't bake the french fries - whups! Oh well, it was good.

However, I do have to say, I noticed that eating the junk food didn't really make me "feel better." Sure, I enjoyed eating the crap I was eating, but I didn't feel the happy "WOO HOO! I ATE FRENCH FRIES!" feeling that I've gotten before. It was more of a "I shouldn't be doing this...but whatever, I 'm mad at the world" feeling. I have to admit, I actually was a little ashamed to add it to my MyFitnessPal diary.

I guess it all boils down to the fact that food doesn't make you feel better, food doesn't help when you're depressed and it's never nice to feel fat because you're eating too much.

I do have happy news though! I've officially lost 8lbs and yesterday I bought a dress in a size 14 because the 16 was too big (we'll ignore the fact that the size 14 pants I tried on were still a touch too tight).  Look how cute I am! (My work bathroom is kinda hot, right?)

I guess tonight I need to take some more topless pics so you can see the dwindling gut after just over a month of eating well and attempting to exercise. It hasn't gotten too much smaller, but hey, maybe we can make a cool flipbook of these things one day and it'll be like "Honey I Shrunk the French Fry Lover!"

Wanna be my friend on My Fitness Pal? I know I have recently been in need of some serious motivation, but I've been bad about reaching out for it. If you're my MFP friend and I see you do something awesome, I promise to tell you so! My My Fitness Pal username is BRenkwell and I'll be your friend. Just tell me who you are somehow and how you found me! 

Oh and another random factoid: I love eating cucumbers. I think they might be my new favorite veggie.


  1. Sorry you aren't feeling well. My nose runs a lot when I run. Ever heard of a snot rocket? Not the most lady like thing to do, but it works (it is probably on UrbanDictionary).

    Sam and I love morning star foods. They are surprisingly good and normally don't taste like non-meat. One of the hard things for me to give up was chicken nuggets, I love them. Morning star has good veggie ones.

    Also, your hair is adorable. I've only ever seen pictures of it up. And I really like that dress.

    Keep it up!

  2. Did you ever try the neti pot for your sinus issues? I have been a convert since a nasty sinus infection last fall. It eliminates the pressure like whoa.

    Hmm, I want to check out the MyFitnessPal. I learn all kinds of things from you guys.

    Keep going, hot mama!

  3. Maybe when your nose is plugged up, you should try some strength training. Bring on the guns!!