Thursday, August 25, 2011

Apparently I suck at updating...

Or at least that what Mandy says. But trust me, there's a good reason for it! What's that reason? Well, I guess there's a few reasons. 1) I'm boring. 2) I've been working out! 3) The scale isn't moving much and it's starting to piss me off.

I guess everyone hits the point where the scale stays put...I just didn't expect it would be this soon. I guess I need to change up my work out routine. I'm trying to talk Brian into letting me get a trainer once a week or something. Just to set me up with a workout plan instead of me going into the gym and saying "Oh I'll do this today!" I mean, I've been doing okay, actually, but still. I think I need to be doing more lunges or something (b/c I will never do them willingly), or maybe more weights or something? I really don't know.

I had a trainer for a while before we got married (BTW - we've been married 10 months! That's so insane to me) and I wasn't doing my part outside of our sessions to really make any strides to make the most of it. I think Brian was annoyed that I was spending so much moolah and I wasn't losing any weight. I'll have to suck up majorly to him to get him to agree to this.

Anyhoo - on to the important shizz going on. I'm doing MUCH better on my diet than I was this weekend. I'm still not doing great, but thanks to the support of friends that I can call at 7:50am and ask what I should get for breakfast from McDonalds because I'm running late, I'm pretty sure I can continue on this track. I just need to stop myself from eating the delicious chips and dip I stupidly bought at Kroger this weekend and I think I'll be okay.

I finished week 1 of "5K Runner" it wasn't SO bad, but week 2 day 1? Yeah, it kicked my ass. Hard. I'm pretty sure it's bruised. I didn't enjoy it. I think I want to do week 1 again and when that gets easy, move on to week 2. I'm really scared of pushing myself to the point where I literally can't do it anymore and then giving up. I can't wait til November when it might actually be cool enough to run outside at night.

Oh and in case you were wondering, my morning workouts that I was planning on doing back in my first post? Yeah, that didn't happen. What can I say? I love sleep.

THERE. I UPDATED. You happy now?!


  1. I for one, am very happy. Looking good britt! Is that a teeny tiny door behind you? Why is it so small? Or is this some sort of mirror trick?

  2. I did a trainer for a few years (and before the wedding). I had her write down our weekly workout so that I could do it the other 1-2 times that I came in. I will say that while it helped me, my weight didn't change too much until I changed my diet. It's really all about food.

  3. Keep it up with week one for a bit. That should ease you into running.

    Does your gym have work out classes? I went to a class at my club for a while that was called "Strength and Stability", we did lots of weights and worked on balance a lot. Now I do this thing called Barre 3, and it is a muscle workout, let me tell you.

    It really has a lot to do with food. My mom had a rule when she started losing weight, eat half of what I normally ate. Most people are probably eating 2200-2400 cals a day, so cutting it in half really makes a huge difference. Ok, so maybe not all the way in half. But damn close.

    Good luck and keep it up!! If you ever need advice about walking/running, I got your back.

  4. I read this and thought I'd share it with you:,0,3867871.story