Sunday, August 21, 2011

Falling off the wagon...I did it.

This weekend kicked my ass. Unfortunately, it wasn't in a "I sweat so much at the gym and I feel awesome!" kind of ass kicking. It was a supreme food binge that I still can't believe I went on. Let's start from the beginning, shall we?

Friday - I was doing SO well until lunch time. I had heard great things about the new chicken sandwiches at McDonald's so I went and gave it a shot. McDonald's (around here anyway) still doesn't have a way to swap out fries for another healthier side. Of course, I wasn't all that upset about it. We all know my affinity for french fried potatoes (insert Slingblade "mm hmm" here). Anyway, I mean, that wasn't SO bad, my lunch consisted of just over 700 calories. Then, there was dinner. Brian's friend was in town and bought us sushi. A LOT of sushi. ----->
That was only for 3 people!!!!! Unfortunately, I probably ate 20 pieces...if not more. I love sushi. I also had 5 Mich Ultra's that night. It was the start of being bad for the whole weekend.

Saturday - I was determined to do well! I woke up, had a blueberry waffle with some spray butter and lots of water. I was counting calories and I was going to stick to it. But, of course, then Brian needed me to meet him at work - and he wanted to go out for gyros afterwards. Apparently, Greek food isn't the best in the world for you. Which sucks, because I love me some gyros! However, I tried to make the best of it. I got water to drink, a turkey gyro and no fries (however, I did sneak a few of Brian's - I'm telling you, you can't trust me around fries!) Sadly, those few fries were just the beginning of bad decision day #2.

Saturday - PM - I ended up taking a 5hr nap Saturday afternoon, so we'll consider this part 2 of Saturday. Brian's family and I went Bowling! Fun! Exercise! Right!? Well, I guess, yes, technically. However, I decided to drink some beer. Blue Moon to be exact (out of a Shock Top glass). I got drunk pretty fast because I really haven't been drinking much at all. I've been trying to be good and alcohol seems to make me want to munch...and munch...and munch. We ordered seasoned fries at the bowling alley. I tried to say it was to soak up the alcohol, but no. It was totally because I wanted fries. Frick. After the bowling alley, we went for BBQ! I love BBQ! We had BBQ at our wedding! Again, I tried to make smart decisions. Again - I failed. I got a small pulled pork sandwich, fried pickles (doh!) and coleslaw (doh!). Oh, and I ate some chili/cheese tamales (DOH! DOH! DOH!). I didn't do very well at all. But there was still Sunday!

Yes, Sunday! Today! I was planning on going to the gym, eating healthy and basically just making up for this weekend's messed up eating.

Today I did jack and shit.

I did laundry - yay! I ate a healthy breakfast - yay! I ate tacos for We had burgers, fries, chips, salad and CAKE for dinner. CAKE. Omg, the LAST thing I needed for this weekend was cake.

I guess this means that I really need to get to the gym and get back on my diet this week. I need to be super tight on what I eat. Can I do it? Sure! Will I do it? Yes I will! Will I fall off the wagon again next weekend? God, I hope not. I feel like CRAP. Eating healthy food really does make an impact on how you feel. Eating junk makes me feel sluggish and poopy.

This week WILL be better...I hope.


  1. The weekends are the devil! Well, for dieting anyways. I was such a lazy ass yesterday I did only 15 minutes of my workout. FAIL.

    But you are doing great, you have to indulge sometimes!

  2. I failed majorly this past weekend - pizza, ice cream, fries, blueberry pancakes, and bacon. Then I felt bad about myself yesterday. Vicious cycle. I went food shopping last night and refused to buy anything junky, except for a box of dark chocolate granola thins.

    Hang in there!

  3. I did pretty good this weekend, but we all have those moments of weakness!

    I almost told you this last week, but it sounded lame, but I'll tell you anyway. (Feel free to make fun of me....) You really are inspirational. True story - last week, I had a major food weakness day. I wanted french fries and a burger for lunch SO bad! I was about to give in and go have the greasy thing when I happened to catch up on a few blogs before lunch - one was yours about getting the apple sticks instead of the fries. So I went to lunch, and got a salad with grilled chicken and a small fry. (Baby steps, baby steps) I satisfied my craving, but didn't blow my diet completely.

    And I owe it all to you. :)

  4. Awww!! Thanks D! You're so sweet.

    Thank you for indulging me in my "I NEED BLOG COMMENTS, BITCHES!" moment =)

  5. 1st: If you're going to have tzatziki sauce, the heck with a chicken gyro. Get the real meat ;)

    2nd: Don't feel bad. You haven't failed until you give up. Weekends like these are simply motivation to carry on.

    3rd: I wasn't going to post as I usually just read but since SOMEONE is so comment-needy I did.