Saturday, August 6, 2011

Making the most out of a crappy situation...

So, I still feel like crap, no surprise there, but I've decided to at least do something healthy with my down time. I've spent the last hour or so coming up with and finding healthy (okay, healthier) meals than the husband and I have currently been eating - while simultaneously trying to use all of the ingredients in our pantry! Let's just say it hasn't been easy.

Our pantry is kind of this black hole of side dishes and sauces - and the occasional can of fruit, veggies, or hey! A George Foreman grill! I've got lots of ideas when it comes to clearing out the bad stuff - like giving the food away to friends and stuff - but most of this is actually decent food that just never got used in recipes or for meals. So my goal is to get it all used and cleaned out and re-stocked with healthy foods.

I mean seriously, folks. I'm sure Brian and I had the best intentions to eat all of this stuff and it hasn't happened yet, so I might as well go to town on creating recipes or finding recipes that use this stuff so I can finally get to cleaning the CRAP out of our pantry before I get 100% hardcore on our diet again.

Oh, hey, did you notice I said OUR diet? Brian has actually been doing a stellar job when it comes to eating well. Of course, I'm sure most of this has to do with the fact that I make his lunches and do most of the grocery shopping, but still. My hunk of man meat is down 15 lbs since his doctor told him to lose weight. While I'm INSANELY jealous, I'm also quite proud. Way to go, Brian!

Of course, he's done this basically by just eating healthier (you're welcome, honey) and using his AMAZING willpower to just stop eating. Yeah, that's right he just stops eating when he's full.

Just stop eating when you're full. Well...duh. You would think that this would be a relatively simple idea. Yeah, not for me. As I've said before, if there's food in front of me, I'm gonna eat it. I don't know what has caused this compulsion to just keep eating - maybe it was college when I was broke and I'd see a free meal and just eat and eat because I wouldn't have money for a meal that didn't consist of ramen noodles for another day or so? Maybe I've still got my mom's voice in my head saying "Clean your plate!"? Speaking of which, I found this picture the other day and holy crap, I wish I had had this on a stick when I was a kid so I could raise it at the table and shut my mom up when she tried to get me to clean my plate.

Thankfully, Brian is pretty good at noticing when I'm just picking at food because it's in front of me and he's started snagging my plate from me instead of just letting me continue to overfeed myself. God, I love this man.

I guess I'll head back to finding some recipes and slowly removing the junk food from our pantry. You kids have a good weekend. I hope to be back at the gym Monday afternoon - we'll see!


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